Brewing beer with wine grapes, also called “grape ale,” is an unusual technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are a few reasons why someone might choose to brew beer with wine grapes:

  1. Flavor: Wine grapes are known for their complex flavors and aromas, and using them in beer can add a unique and interesting dimension to the finished product.
  2. Experimentation: Some brewers may choose to brew with wine grapes simply because it is a unique and unusual technique that allows them to experiment with new flavors and aromas.
  3. Access to grapes: Some brewers, who also produce wine, may choose to brew beer with wine grapes because they have access to high-quality grapes but not enough to make a batch of wine, or they have grapes left over from a winemaking process and don’t want to waste them.
  4. Style of beer: The beer made from wine grapes, the beer gets much more fruity, dryness, and tannins than a regular beer, and those qualities are perfect for Belgian and French styles like saison, farmhouse, and biere de garde.

It’s worth noting that brewing beer with wine grapes can be challenging, and it requires experience and skill to produce a finished product that is both flavorful and stable. Some specific process needs to be considered as well, to get the correct balance and flavors.