Brewing with fruit is a common practice in the beer world, adding a new sugar source and fruity flavors to various styles. However, the use of wine grapes in beer creates a new category called oenobeer or beer-wine hybrids. There is no official definition for oenobeers, allowing brewers to experiment and put their own spin on it. Stillwater Artisanal and Liberati Restaurant and Brewery are two examples of companies dabbling in oenobeers. Stillwater uses grape juice and wild yeast to make five barrel-aged farmhouse ales, while Liberati focuses solely on oenobeers, using grapes from different parts of the world. Making oenobeers can also be a challenge in terms of audience, as it falls in the middle ground between beer and wine drinkers. Vista Brewing in Texas is another example of a company using wine barrels from nearby wine country to create beer-wine hybrids, aiming to bridge the gap between wine and beer drinkers.

Oenobeers or beer-wine hybrids have emerged as a new category in the world of brewing. There’s no official definition for oenobeers, allowing brewers to experiment and put their own spin on the concept. Some use actual grapes, some just use juice, while others age their brews in wine barrels. The increasing number of brewers dabbling in oenobeers is creating an exciting new territory for beer and wine lovers to discover.

One prominent producer of oenobeers is Stillwater Artisanal, which launched its Preternatural Cuvée Project, a range of five barrel-aged farmhouse ales made with grape juice and wild yeast. Another producer, Liberati Restaurant and Brewery in Denver, focuses solely on oenobeers. Alex Liberati, the owner, approaches the production of oenobeers in a scientific way, using grapes from all around the world.

Making wine and beer crossovers can be a challenge when it comes to audience appeal. Some beer drinkers have no interest in venturing to the wine side, and vice versa. However, there are also open-minded drinkers who are enthusiastic about the category and see it as an opportunity to bridge the gap between beer and wine drinkers.

In conclusion, oenobeers are a fascinating new development in the world of brewing, with producers experimenting with different approaches and ingredients to create unique and flavorful beers that appeal to both beer and wine lovers.