Fermaid-O is a product used in the winemaking process to help promote healthy yeast growth and fermentation. It is a natural nutrient supplement that contains a blend of different types of yeast nutrients, yeast hulls, and other essential minerals and vitamins, but does NOT include diammonium phosphate (DAP)

When added to grape must (juice, skins, seeds and stems) before the start of fermentation, Fermaid O provides the yeast with the necessary nutrients to start fermenting quickly and efficiently. It helps to support the yeast during the early stages of fermentation, promoting healthy growth and metabolism.

Fermaid O is specifically formulated to provide yeast with the balanced combination of nutrients that they need for optimal growth and fermentation. It does NOT contain the inorganic DAP.

Fermaid O is also formulated to help yeast survive the high alcohol and low nutrient conditions of the later stages of fermentation, and it also helps to avoid stuck fermentation.

Fermaid O is a dry product that is typically added to the must in the form of a rehydration solution, which is made by mixing Fermaid O with water at a specific ratio before adding it to the must.

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