There are many mistakes that home winemakers can make, but here are three common ones:

  1. Not sterilizing equipment thoroughly: It is important to sterilize all equipment that will come into contact with the wine to prevent contamination. If equipment is not sterilized properly, it can lead to spoilage or off flavors in the wine.
  2. Not controlling fermentation temperature: Fermentation temperature can have a big impact on the flavor and quality of the wine. If the temperature is too high, it can cause the wine to become too fruity or “hot,” while if it is too low, it can slow down or halt fermentation altogether.
  3. Not paying attention to pH: pH is a measure of the acidity of a wine. If the pH is too low, the wine can taste too tart or sour, while if it is too high, the wine can taste flat or dull. It is important to monitor pH during the winemaking process and make adjustments as needed to ensure the wine has the desired level of acidity.