There are many different types of wine, and the categories can be somewhat subjective. However, some common types of wine include:

  • Red wine: made from red or black grapes, and the skin is left in during fermentation, giving it a reddish-purple color.
  • White wine: made from white grapes, or red grapes with the skins removed before fermentation. White wine tends to be lighter in color and body than red wine.
  • Rosé wine: made from red grapes, but the skins are removed before the wine is fully fermented, giving it a pinkish color.
  • Sparkling wine: made with bubbles, either naturally through a second fermentation in the bottle, or artificially by adding carbon dioxide.
  • Dessert wine: a sweet wine that is often served with dessert.
  • Fortified wine: wine that has had a spirit, such as brandy, added to it, increasing the alcohol content.

There are many other types of wine as well, including fruity, dry, and full-bodied wines. The specific characteristics of a wine will depend on the type of grapes used, the region it is produced in, and the winemaking process.