Why are your prices lower than the competition?

There are many reasons our pricing is far better than the competition and we will list just a few of them: We farm many of our own grapes. For almost all of the Livermore grapes, you are buying directly from the farm, we cut out the middleman. We own our own processing plants in Livermore, […]

How to clarify wine?

First, it is crucial to document your winemaking process to replicate or improve this future process. Many causes exist for a wine to have a hazy or poor clarity of which a majority can be cleared relatively quickly with time and sometimes with chemicals or natural additives. The most common method is racking wine, which […]

What does each bucket contain?

Each bucket contains grape must and may contain up to 4% MOG material. MOG is a material other than grapes such as stems, sticks, leaves. MOG is NORMAL and should be removed prior to fermentation.

Can I place bulk orders?

Yes, absolutely! Please follow this link for all bulk orders and procedures. https://www.grapesforwine.com/bulk-buy/

How fast do pails ship?

We typically ship within 1-2 business days, however, if you are located on the East Coast and place an order on Wednesday-Friday we may not ship until the following Monday. This is because we don’t want the pails to sit in a shipping warehouse of unknown temperature over the weekend. The shipping carriers usually give […]

How many gallons does each frozen pail make?

Each 50-pound bucket will yield approximately 2.5-3 gallons of wine. Each bucket is hand-filled, so slight variations may be present between any two buckets. Please keep in mind these grapes are grown on a farm, each vine is different, each acre is different so there may be slight variations between the buckets due to this. […]