EBX 810 – Tannin Structure French Oak Powder – 2.5 Grams


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EBX 810 – Tannin Structure French Oak Powder – 2.5 Grams

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EBX 810 is pure French Oak tannin, untoasted, from 36-month-aged wood. Technically a fermentation tannin, its’ use goes far beyond the actual fermentationMouth feel, softness, and delightful and subtle French Oak aromas. This is an exclusive product to ramp up and make your wines stand out from the rest.


Dosage: 0.25 grams per 50-pounds of red wine must or juice 

Total doses in one bag – ten (10). Enough to treat 500 pounds of red wine must or juice. 

Made in France


 Tannin 810- TANNIN STRUCTURE POWDER is a powder polyphenol concentrate from French oak heartwood (Quercus robur / Quercus petraea) which has undergone a specific maturation processing.

This level of quality has been specially developed for applications in the wine industry  sector and spirits (white spirits consumed brown) for the optimization of the “couple” (or union of) wood & alcohol.

Due to a unique manufacturing and controlled process, Tannin 810 protects  from oxidation and reinforces the structure of the wine.

With Tannin 810, the wine is  structured around a perfect acidity and a low bitterness. 100% natural product extracted from renewable plant materials. No preservatives or  additives are present in Tannin 810.

Aspect:   dark brown powder
Geographic origin:  100% French oak
Botanical origin:  Quercus robur/ Quercus petraea
Odour: oaky
Tannins: min 65% on dry material
Moisture: Max 2%
Ashes: Max 4%
Preservatives: NONE
Shelf life: min 5 years at room temperature into the closed original packaging

Tannin 810 is to be dissolved as a premix with the must during fermentation process and dosed to taste after but no more than 35 g/hL.  We recommend performing this premix in proportions of 5 to 10%. It can also be dispersed in RO water, cold or preferentially hot. We recommend maturing this premix for several hours before performing the addition to the total amount of wine/alcohol. Respect for this procedure significantly affects the results.

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