EBX 10 Pure 10mL – Liquid Tannin – French Oak


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EBX 10 Pure 10mL – Liquid Tannin – French Oak

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Tannin EBX 10 PURE

  • Untoasted French Oak
  • Clarification of musts and wines
  • Color stabilization
  • Intake of freshness in attack and structure in the middle of the mouth
  • Reduction of oxidation in preventive and curative
  • Manufacturer – AMÉDÉE – l’Arôme du bois
  • Made in France

EBX Tannin oak extracts put in aqueous solution are 100% natural, extracted from high quality, sustainable oak trees. Our tannins falls into the category of tannins, respecting CODEX (resolution Oeno 12/2002, Oeno 5/2008 et Oeno 6/2008, and resolution OIV Oeno 352-2009 , in accordance with the article 120 quater, paragraphe 2 of regulation n° 1234/2007 of the European Council). All the limits and measures are reported to the dry extract.



Dosage to refine with your oenologist

  • Classic red wine, well balanced: 1-2 mL per 5-gallon must bucket
  • Red wine very structured or with defects: 2-3 mL per 5-gallon must bucket
  • Wooded or sweet white wine: 1-2 mL per 5-gallon must bucket
  • Fruity white wine or light rosé: 1 mL per 5-gallon must bucket
  • 20 drops = 1 mL

Additional information

Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 in

AMÉDÉE – l’Arôme du bois

Country of Origin