2019 Merlot Frozen Grape Must 5 Gallon Pail – Livermore Valley California

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2019 Merlot Frozen Grape Must – Livermore Valley California

Size: 5 Gallon Pail

Must Weight: 30 pounds

Shipping Weight: 32 Pounds

Grapesforwine.com Merlot Must

Machine picked perfection at the perfect time. Machine picking uses laser guided and optical technology to make sure that bad grapes are rejected and that only the best grapes are picked off the vines. The grapes are then sent through a blower to ensure a fair amount of extraneous materials are removed. We then take these grapes for processing and freezing the same day.

This vineyard is located in Pleasanton, California in the Livermore Valley. The historic Livermore Valley is one of California’s most prestigious wine grape growing regions. The combination of elevation, temperatures, soil drainage is extremely ideal for vineyards to flourish and produce high-quality grapes.

This particular vineyard located outside of Ruby Hill and across from a water preserve experiences a slightly cooler effect at night which promotes a later harvest and longer hang time on the vine. This, in turn, allows for increased absorption of nutrients and the flavors, in turn, are phenomenal. The climate of this growing region has been compared to Calistoga and St. Helena in the Northern Napa Valley.

Each bucket contains grape must and may contain up to 4% MOG material. MOG is a material other than grapes such as stems, sticks, leaves. MOG is NORMAL and should be removed prior to fermentation.

Yes, absolutely! Please follow this link for all bulk orders and procedures. https://www.grapesforwine.com/bulk-buy/

We typically ship within 1-2 business days, however, if you are located on the East Coast and place an order on Wednesday-Friday we may not ship until the following Monday. This is because we don’t want the pails to sit in a shipping warehouse of unknown temperature over the weekend. The shipping carriers usually give an estimate and we don’t want it to take more than 5 days transit time to reach you. West Coast orders will also typically ship out within 1 business day.

Our 30 pound (3 gallons) must make approximately 2.2 to 2.4 gallons of wine. This 30-pound (3 gallon) must is packaged in 5 gallon pail containers.

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 12.5 × 15 in






Ships within

1-2 business days, not including holidays.


Livermore Valley – Coastal

City and State

Pleasanton, California


United States

Est. Brix


Est. TA


Est. pH


3 reviews for 2019 Merlot Frozen Grape Must 5 Gallon Pail – Livermore Valley California

  1. Bill J.

    Very aromatic, crossing fingers this turns out great

  2. Michael Sainz

    Excellent merlot frozen must. Like the Cabernet Sauvignon, this Merlot arrived quickly. Ordered on a Monday and arrived two days later. Well packaged and contents were still frozen.

  3. fortheloveofvino

    I purchased the cab bucket initially but did not like the stems inside the bucket. This one was perfect, very clean grapes and must.

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